Become a cart or kiosk vendor

It’s the craftspeople and artisans who truly put the “market” into our marketplace. The Cedar Street Bridge Public Market has, since its inception in the early 1980s, encouraged participation by small vendors of arts, crafts and handiworks. The bridge continues to foster the vibrancy, social connections and individually rewarding commerce that the popular and bustling European or Latin America public markets are famous for. And integral to that goal are the craftspeople and vendors who display and sell their wares on the carts and kiosks that dot the bridge floor.

Rental and lease arrangements for the carts are flexible. Carts may be rented by the day for as little as $25, weekly at $10 a day and $150 monthly, which equals to approximately $7 a day ; the larger kiosks are available weekly and monthly at discounted prices, with annual leases enjoying a deeper discount – Please contact us for more information on the kiosks by filling out the form below.

Are you a crafts person or small-scale vendor looking for an economical – and fun – way to bring your goods to market? Then join us on the Cedar Street Bridge, and help us build it into a unique public market and community gathering place for Sandpoint.